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Construction of EPW Malawi Hub

Giving financially to the ministry of Equipping Pastors Worldwide will enable us to offer training to pastors in many countries where they have had relatively little formal theological or ministry training and help us to distribute, publish and translate vital books to many pastors who have limited resources. Sadly, the only factor that limits what we can do is lack of financial resources.

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Together, we can play a vital role in encouraging such pastors, equipping them to serve God and their local congregations, and transforming communities throughout the majority world.

Would you consider supporting us financially to help this vital ministry?

We are a UK registered charity, and 100% of our funding comes from our supporters, whether individuals, churches or charitable trusts.

Whether your donation is a one-off, or you would like to become a regular supporter, any amount is gratefully received and can make a difference:

  • £10 would enable 1 pastor to attend a conference for 1 day
  • £50 would support a pastor to attend a conference for a week
  • £100 would fund the purchase and sending of a “Preacher’s Collection” *
  • £500 would enable us to send a whole pallet of books to one of our hubs
  • £1,000 would fund the translation of a key title into a new language
  • £3,000 would pay for a whole pastors’ conference

Can you give regularly to EPW?

We’re aiming to find 500 people who would be willing to donate £500 (from as little as £14 a month), providing a crucial foundation for the ongoing work of the charity.

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Looking for other ways to give? You can also make donations via Bank Transfer, Cheque or (Stewardship).

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