In-country training


Over the last 19 years, we have organised over 100 conferences in 12 countries, training more than 10,000 pastors in expository preaching.

“Since attending the training over several years I have now began to regularly preach in an expository manner.”

Pastor Andrew – Myanmar

Our conferences aim to encourage and equip pastors to understand how to study and teach the Bible in order to strengthen their local churches. This includes learning how the whole Bible fits together so that whatever book of the Bible we are preaching, we can see how it fits with God’s plans and purposes for the world. Through the conferences students learn how to study and teach different types of scripture, including New Testament epistles, Gospels, Old Testament narrative and prophecy, with plenty of time to work on passages in small groups. In addition, attendees are encouraged by hearing expositions of God’s word, spending time considering different aspects of the life and ministry of a pastor and pondering key gospel truths.

This activity is obviously limited by the number of conferences we can run each year, so we are currently working on developing some on-line training which can be accessed by all the pastors we would like to help. Please do keep an eye on our website for news of when this will be available.