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Equipping Pastors Worldwide depends on the generosity of Christians in the UK to donate books that we can then send to under-resourced pastors and bible colleges in Africa, Asia and other majority world areas.

Sometimes we are blessed with whole libraries and sometimes it may just be a few books. All donations are hugely appreciated. We also have partnerships with evangelical publishers who provide books for us to send.

If you are an individual in the UK with books to donate, please let us know by completing this form.

Obviously, given the cost of shipping, we seek to send the most accessible and appropriate books to pastors and we cannot promise to send all the books you may be willing to donate. Good-quality books that are most helpful to our ministry are:

  • Commentaries on Bible books
  • Books on doctrine and theology
  • Bibles and Study Bibles

If you are unsure about a book, please do include it as we are able to sell some of the books we cannot distribute on eBay to help raise funds to cover shipping costs.

Please bear in mind that, although we are non-denominational in our approach to those we seek to serve, our theology is conservative evangelical and we only distribute books that are in line with our basis of faith.

If you are a publisher interested in partnering with us to serve pastors overseas, please contact us.

Book Donation Form