Vision & Mission



To glorify God by enabling churches throughout the majority world, often beset by lack of resources, to be served by reliable pastors who have access to first-rate ministry training and excellent biblically faithful resources.


To provide training, focussed on expository preaching, and resources, principally books, to relatively untrained and/or under-resourced pastors in the majority world. To do so, primarily, by empowering and equipping trusted national trainers in key regions, mainly in Africa and Asia, to establish hubs for training and resource distribution.

  • We have a background that is historically reformed and confessional. 
  • We have a theology that is conservative evangelical and an approach that is non-denominational. 
  • We have a heart that is concerned for pastors and preaching. 
  • We have an awareness of the extraordinary way in which the English-speaking world and church has been blessed by the Lord over the centuries and recognise that to those to whom much is given, much is required. 
  • Therefore, we have a desire to be generous with the resources we have been given.