• 18 September 2023

Hope in the Face of Suffering

20 devotions for tough times by Jeremy Marshall

Since being diagnosed with incurable cancer, Jeremy Marshall has been known for his ability to connect the difficulties that Christians face in this life with the deep-seated joy that is found in knowing the Lord Jesus.

Hope in the Face of Suffering his first devotional, based upon his Lift Up Your Hearts GAFCON broadcasts offers twenty inspirational messages for tough times.

Jeremy helps readers apply the principles he has learned through his own experience of dealing with terminal cancer. He holds out the message of hope in the Bible the medicine cabinet where we can find treatment for our suffering and meditates on Gods promises, which are like a rock upon which we can stand secure.

With Jeremy’s blessing, we will be sharing a chapter of this book each week, stretching the 20 daily devotions for tough times to 20 weekly devotions instead. We hope you find comfort and inspiration in his words.

Chapters will be shared weekly and can be accessed from the links below once published…

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