• 18 September 2023

‘Hope in the Face of Suffering’ Book


Everyone faces suffering at some point in their lives. Churches around the world invariably contain a significant proportion in distress and pastors have a duty to encourage and minister to those in their flock who face trials, even when they themselves may be experiencing hardship.

Jeremy Marshall, chair of Equipping Pastors Worldwide until just months before he died in August, had a unique gift connecting the difficulties Christians face in life with the deep-seated joy found in knowing the Lord Jesus. His book ‘Hope in the Face of Suffering’ offers twenty inspirational messages for tough times. 

Hope in the face of Suffering, book cover

EPW will be posting a chapter a week every Monday morning at 10am UK time to encourage pastors to apply the principles Jeremy learned through his own experience dealing with terminal cancer and as a tribute to the servant-hearted life he led.

Chapters will be shared weekly and can be accessed here once published…