• 14 April 2023

Equipping Pastors Worldwide is up and running!


“Following months of hard work and preparation, I am delighted that we are now able to launch Equipping Pastors Worldwide. The great work that Pastor Training International and Christian Books Worldwide have been doing for almost 20 years will continue, but I am excited by the additional opportunities that the merger creates to expand in new directions – not least through the development of hubs in majority world countries and our work with local pastors to increase the effectiveness of our training and book distribution activities. We have had a strong sense of God’s hand in the coming together of the two charities, and we look forward to continuing as faithful servants in the exciting journey that I am sure lies ahead for Equipping Pastors Worldwide.”

Jeremy Marshall – Chairman, Equipping Pastors Worldwide

Following the legal merger of PTI into CBW at the end of February, the Charities Commission have now formally approved our name change to Equipping Pastors Worldwide (EPW).

Whilst ensuring that our training and book distribution activities continue uninterrupted, the management team have been working hard to integrate the administrative systems of the two organisations and overhaul communications platforms to present the new face of the charity. This has involved a considerable amount of IT work which was successfully completed last week, so we can now declare that Equipping Pastors Worldwide is up and running!

EPW Website

An important part of merging the organisations was creating the new Equipping Pastors Worldwide website, which you can find at www.epworldwide.org. Further content will be added to this in the coming weeks and months, including a new initiative to add training videos as an additional resource for pastors in the majority world. Watch out for news of this in future newsletters and on our newly rebranded social media sites – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

 “I have received the news of the merger between Christian Books Worldwide and Pastors Training International with immense joy. They have been great partners, enabling us to get solid Christian books into the hands of those who would not otherwise afford them and in the training of pastors around Africa. I trust that this merger will only result in a more robust ministry in years to come!”

Conrad Mbewe – Pastor and author