• 16 February 2024

EPW in Malawi


Dr Joster Jumbe, who runs the EPW hub in Zomba, Malawi has had a busy few months. The hub has become a blessing to many pastors, and his team have also been travelling around Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique to deliver training to under-resourced pastors in rural areas.

Pastor Victor Pelete giving a lecture on “What is the Bible” as part of an EPW training session

We recently sent a consignment of 31 boxes of books to the hub to be shared with pastors in need as they cannot afford to buy books and have no access to a libraries or bookshops.  Pastors will often travel many miles to collect these precious resources.

Boxes of books being transported to the hub for storage prior to distribution to pastors. The two pastors pictures here had travelled all the way from Angonia, Mozambique to pick up some books.

The Africa Reformed Presbyterian Missions team visiting the EPW hub to collect books, which we gave them to support their mission work in Malawi.

Pray for
1.    Reliable and efficient transport for books and for the team travelling to train pastors in remote areas
2.    Wisdom and Strength as we discern how we can be most effective in our training efforts and how best to distribute books