• 19 June 2024

Transforming Faith: the impact of pastoral training in Uganda


Busega and Kangave were the locations for EPW training conferences in May 2024. Emmanuel Magambo and David Kimuli led the training in both locations, joined in Kangave by Bosco Bukeera and Gerald Tanner (via Zoom link!).  

The appreciation of participants in both locations for the quality of the training they received was palpable, seen in their eagerness to learn. The participants engaged in lively interactions with the trainers and excellent discussions sprung up around topics such as the unhelpful influence of Prosperity Gospel teaching.  

In Kangave, David was able to teach in the local language without a translator, which proved to be extremely helpful, highlighting one of the key benefits of our Train the Trainer initiative. 

A taster conference held in Kitwe

A taster conference has also been held in recent weeks in Kitwe. This was led by Rev Bernard Byaruhanga from our TTT group, assisted by two of his TTT colleagues. The training was delivered in the local language and was initiated by Bernard’s desire to see his pastoral colleagues in the region blessed with the material he had received. The training was well received, and the plan is to start training there following a similar approach to Kangave: two-day conferences to consider elements of each step of the curriculum until all 6 steps are completed. This keeps the material manageable for the group and is also a cost-effective means of delivering the programme.