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Autumn is Nearly Here

There are only 11 days until autumn officially begins, but Laramie already feels like it is in full swing.  The leaves have begun to change and a few days ago, the mercury hit 34 degrees.  Of course, it was accompanied by a stiff wind, which made it feel even colder.  Football is back on television and Major League Baseball is preparing for the playoffs.  The sun is showing itself less each day and Halloween decorations grace the shelves of every store.  Before long, we will be waiting in long lines at Starbucks behind teens and 20 somethings, dressed in leggings, Ugg boots, and long sleeved shirts waiting for their Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It will look like a cloning experiment orchestrated by American Eagle.  The traffic in Laramie has already doubled since school began and the headaches have begun.  Soon, the snow will fall and students who have never seen snow will be driving at full speed on icy, snow covered roads, honking at slower vehicles they will soon collide with.

All joking aside, fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The air is crisper and cooler and the smells wafting through town begin to change.  One can go for a nice stroll without worrying about getting overheated.  The various crimson and yellow leaves adorning the Aspens is a remarkably beautiful sight.  Children are back at school and people are trying to enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible before the cold and snow come.  Of course, the Broncos march to the Super Bowl has begun also.  I only wish that fall lasted longer than a week or ten days in Laramie.  My Amazon photo app notifies me daily of pictures I took in previous years.  Today’s pictures were from 2014 and they were photos of snow falling in front of the apartment.  These pictures reminded me of the fleeting nature of autumn in Wyoming.  It has been said that Wyoming has two seasons: winter and road construction.  Most of the construction projects are wrapping up and the cold temperatures are sure to follow.  I will enjoy fall for as long as it lasts and hope we can avoid another -62 below day like we had last year.  Soon, I will be heading to the storage unit to swap out shorts for thermals, gloves, and other winter essentials.  So, before the memories of summer are gone and the harsh reality of winter is here, enjoy the weather and activities of fall.



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I recently completed my PhD in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) at the University of Wyoming. I have published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals and have a book chapter coming early next year. I aim to explore issues of privilege and equity of education, especially as they pertain to STEM education.

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