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I completed two interviews approximately 1 month ago.  One was a campus visit and the other was a phone / Skype interview that the committee indicated was the final, official interview for the position.  30 days later and I have yet to hear anything.  While I assume this means that I did not get the job, there is a small glimmer of hope.  However, each passing day sees that glimmer die a little more.  Where there was once a blazing inferno of ambition and excitement, now lies a smoldering, small ember.  Sometimes it seems to nearly reignite, but it is often just a passing flare.  As we swiftly approach the fall semester, I am left to wonder if I will remain unemployed for the upcoming academic year.  As I sat mulling this situation the other day, I recalled the MasterCard commercials that noted the prices of certain things and one item that was priceless.  If you have not seen any of these ads, you can see many of them on YouTube.  Here is the address for one I particularly liked:


Therefore, I turned my job search into my own priceless parody:


Sometimes a bit of humor is the only thing that prevents one from succumbing to the stress.  I know I am not alone in this situation as I am sure there are many others out there still waiting for their first position or a new one.  I wish I could offer some tips or tricks to handle this situation, but I haven’t really found anything that helps too much.  I started driving for Uber, but it is relatively new in my area and I am averaging about $3 an hour.  I guess that is not much different than getting paid as a graduate assistant :). I continue to look for positions and wait for the phone to ring telling me that I have been chosen from the pool of candidates.  However, I realize that call may not come for me and for many others.  I thought I had done enough in grad school to get hired (5 journal pubs, 3 conferences, and a book chapter), but it just does not seem to be enough at this point.  For those of you who may be in a similar situation, I feel your pain and wish you the best of luck (unless, of course, you are competing for a position I applied for!) For those who have secured their positions for next year, congratulations and make the most of your opportunity.


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I recently completed my PhD in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) at the University of Wyoming. I have published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals and have a book chapter coming early next year. I aim to explore issues of privilege and equity of education, especially as they pertain to STEM education.

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