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Waiting and a Special Message to International Students

I am at a point in my academic career where it seems as if everything is about waiting. Waiting on job prospects, for dissertation feedback, journal submissions, and a bevy of other things.  It sometimes seems as half of grad school is spent in limbo.  I have coped by writing and working on new manuscripts and perusing new job listings.  However, the time of year is coming when many faculty positions are being filled and it makes one wonder if they will be in limbo for yet another year.  If you are in a similar position you know how it can feel to be waiting on everyone else.  I write this blog post to share my experiences so others understand that it is a normal part of the process.  We live in a society that worships the immediate and so few have learned delayed gratification.  The longer I wait for job offers and journal decisions, the more I understand how great it will be to finally hear good news.  Yet, I also feel powerless since there is not much I can do, but wait.  I am eager and optimistic for the future, but time seems to drag on.  If you are struggling with waiting for a faculty position, article, or committee response, realize that you are not alone.  If you have done the work and put in the effort, good things will come.

As a side note, I send my thoughts and encouragement to all of those international students who are struggling with waiting while also dealing with the issues presented by changes in immigration.  While it may seem that the US hates you because of the things the President is doing, rest assured there are some people in the country that welcome your presence and want to see you succeed.  While it is easy to think that all Americans are alike, this is not the case and not everyone is a xenophobe.  Good luck with your dissertation, research, and writing.  Stay strong and keep your eye on the goal you have set for yourself.  Sometimes that is all we can do.


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I recently completed my PhD in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) at the University of Wyoming. I have published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals and have a book chapter coming early next year. I aim to explore issues of privilege and equity of education, especially as they pertain to STEM education.

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